Health and Safety Procedures

Sun Smart

All children are encouraged to wear a named sun hat in the summer months. during summer we also apply a generic sunscreen, if your child has sensitive skin please bring a personal named bottle to each session.


Sometimes as a part of the centre programme, we plan excursions/outings with the older group of children. We prepare a risk management plan and seek parent’s permission before we take children on outings.

Sleeping Children

Sleeping children will be monitored while sleeping every ten minutes, which will be recorded on the chart displayed on the sleep room door.


In connection with Child Abuse Prevention policy, we have specific procedures for nappy changing and toileting. Procedures are displayed in the bathroom. Please be aware that you can only assist with changing/toileting your own child, or a child in your care while in the Centre.

Emergency Procedures

We have an Emergency Plan for the protection and care of children in the event of emergencies that could affect the centre, such as fire or earthquake. All children will be kept at the centre in the event of an emergency until they can be collected by a parent or other nominated emergency contact. If the centre must be closed, childern and teachers will be moved to the civil defence centre at Ngaio School. The evacuation procedures are available in the parent information kete at the sign in desk by the front door, please take time to familiarise yourself with these. For more information please read Civil Defence Preparedness Newsletter or ask the teachers to see the emergency plan. Download the Civil Defence Preparedness Newsletter here.

Medical Emergencies

All teachers are trained in first aid. Teachers will take necessary action to keep the children safe in the event of any medical emergency. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible. Keeping contact details updated is very important in case of medical emergency.

Illness and Medication

Your child should be kept home if you suspect illness, especially of an infectious nature. Please notify our teachers if your child is unwell and unable to attend. In the event that any child becomes ill while at the Centre, we require a parent or guardian to collect them immediately. Please see our child health policy for details of when it is necessary to keep your child at home or collect them from the centre. If your child requires medication (inhaler, antihistamine) to be administered during a session, you will need to fill in the Medical Register. For more information, please talk to the Head Teacher.

Child Protection Policy

It is our aim to protect the children in our care from abuse by any individual. Children’s rights and safety are paramount. Our Centre has a comprehensive child protection policy and procedure in place. Please take the time to read this policy which can be downloaded from this website. All parent helpers and relief teachers will be made aware of our centre’s toileting and nappy changing procedures.  

Positive Guidance Policy

The Positive Guidance policy can be downloaded from this website. This policy promotes your child’s sense of belonging and well-being. The principles of the policy are that each child will be treated with respect, dignity, provided with positive guidance for appropriate behaviour, which recognises a child’s age and developmental stages.

Healthy Eating Policy

Keeping in line with the Ministry of Educations healthy food guide we promote and encourage a healthy food and drink envoirnment. For more information and ideas around healthy eating you can view the Early Learning Services 'Healthy food and drink Toolkit' here.

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